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I have to admit it’s pretty cool to see my comic strip posted on the internet. I started posting strips on instagram @abirdseyeviewcomics in late 2018, and while I’ll continue posting there, it was time for a website.

I’ll be improving and expanding the site as I get a better handle on how to work with it. In the meantime, enjoy the strip and feel free to leave feedback!

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October 23, 2020 — Almost Time for Another (Time) Change

(Quick note to self: Develop a habit of posting regularly to this page. Two posts annually doth not a blog make.)

For the better part of 2020, Covid-19 has insinuated itself into our daily lives, altered our very mindsets … There have been 1.14 million deaths worldwide (222,000+ in the U.S.) to date.

I like to feature a mix of the “real world” with a strong dose of quirky and a streak of irreverence, so naturally I couldn’t ignore something as huge as a global pandemic. One of the first things I noticed once the coverage became 24/7 was that image:

Yes, it’s THAT image again!

It seemed to become ubiquitous overnight. It’s not a pleasant sight, either, but that’s at least part of the point: THIS IS THE FLOATING SPIKY AIRBORNE MYSTERY ENEMY WE’RE UP AGAINST. That’s the implied message.

I wanted to work the reality of Covid into the strip, and this image gave me a simple “in”: make one of these viruses (virii?) into a character. Nothing cute about it, just reminding everyone it’s still here and spreading. Sure, I have to give it some clever lines, but come on — even Al Vocādo gets those once in a while. It’s a comic strip, after all.

Wrapping up this theme, I’ve decided to post a few of my takes on the always-mutating coronavirus of A Bird’s-Eye View Comics. Which is the best? The worst? Vote here and/or send me a note through the Contact link on the home page!

1. First impression
2. More organized

3. Out late the night before

4. After a half-assed mutation

Regarding the time change, it’s Sunday, November 1. The day after Halloween. We turn the clocks back an hour (though many states have been making a push to end this practice). We shall see …

March 8, 2020 — Real Company News and The Time Change

Today’s strip, as with many others, is drawn from a real-life experience. (drawn: unintentional pun)

After launching this site, I wanted to pull it up at work to see how it looked (ok, I missed it). To my half-surprise and other-half-amusement, I found that the site was blocked. Content: adult.

Category: adult!!!

Whoa! For a moment, I felt like I’d been deemed a smut-peddling purveyor of unsavory content. But only for a moment (but(t): second unintentional pun), as my fleeting shame was replaced by a strange sense of accomplishment. Without baring a body part or publishing a syllable of erotica (“butt”? Hardly.), my comic strip site landed on the Blocked List. I love it!

I’ll admit I incorporate some mature themes and intense scenes that may disturb some viewers (to borrow from a TV disclaimer), but I always thought of “adult” as bad stuff. I guess that’s stuck in my mind from childhood.

Remember, today’s the semi-annual time to change the clocks. Although in 2020, most of them change themselves. I guess that’s also stuck in my mind from childhood. Whatever.

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